Rust Preventive

Rust Preventive

Rust preventive methods for a longer life of machinery.

Wax-based corrosion-resistant coatings are extensively used for industrial purposes. The primary benefit of using these coatings is keeping the machines protected against rust. The wax coating prevents moisture from coming in direct contact with the metal surface. As a result, it remains safe against corrosion. Wax-based coats are among the best rust prevention compounds, that are in use in the market today. These coatings last for a long time, preventing the development of rust on the metal surfaces. Besides, good-quality wax coatings provide protection to a wide range of metals. You can buy high-quality wax-based corrosion-resistant coatings from Mosil Lubricants. We provide superior grades of coatings to business firms from a wide range of industries.

After the coat is applied, it dries up to form a smooth and even cover. Make sure to get the corrosion protection materials from a reputed brand, so that it does not harden and eventually crack. In most of the situations, self-healing is the solution to a lasting protection against corrosion. Besides, certain wax coats come with acid- resistant properties. You can even use them in machine parts submerged under the water. It is necessary to get across to a reputed brand for these wax-based corrosion-resistant coatings. We at Mosil using our self developed Quadra Approach help in developing high grade quality of these coatings.

Most of these compounds are compatible with machinery operating at high temperatures. You need to apply these coats using spray or brush. The protective barrier prevents moisture from affecting the machinery. The coating can also keep the machines protected against industrial chemicals. These rust prevention coatings are used in various industries. These include:
• Machinated parts, long and short-term storage of motors, tools and various other equipment.
• You can use it in the underbody of vehicles to keep the surface protected against moisture and water.
• They can be applied on steel and various other metals.
• You can use them to protect metal pipes in buildings, underwater pumps and cables.

Before you apply the corrosion protection compounds, make sure to clean the surface, removing the dirt, grease and grime. This will establish a good bond between the wax coating and the metal surface.

Regardless of the type of industrial equipment you are dealing with, it is necessary to keep them protected against moisture. When you get a wax-based corrosion resistant compound, you can enhance the longevity of these products. Certain compounds come with added vapour phase inhibitors, that are able to penetrate into the areas that are easy to reach. You can easily apply them with the help of paint or brush. It provides a protection against corrosion induced by water. Apart from this, the corrosion may result as an impact of salt, acid and other chemicals in the industry. These are suitable to be used on any metal surface, including iron, aluminium, steel and so on. You may also look out for a degreaser to clean the surface of the machinery before applying the wax coating. You can get a corrosion protection compound from us, that comes with all the features mentioned above.