METAPLAT Brushable Copper Based Anti seize Compound
METAPLAT Copper Based Anti seize Compound
March 4, 2019
ZS – 44b Galva Coating – Bulk
March 18, 2019
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METAPLAT Brushable Copper Based Anti seize Compound

An organometallic complex of copper, lead and other solids to form a non-melting anti seize lubricating compound. It is further fortified with highly effective oxidation and corrosion inhibitors to combat environmental severities. It forms a protective film on the metal surfaces which ensures trouble-free protection against seizure, corrosion pitting and galling of a metal surface. It is a lubricant with unusual anti seize quality and rust preventive properties. It is ideal for preventing seizures under rusting and corrosion environments.

METAPLAT Brushable Copper Based Anti seize Compound


Threaded connections, Nuts and Bolts of Steam / Gas / Chemical pipelines, Assembly compound for Cylinder heads, Press fits, Slipper pads, Propeller shafts, Heavy duty marine and oil rig machines. As a lubricant for slow speed heavily loaded Swivel and Journal bearings, Large gears, and Rotary kilns.


  • Prevents seizure against corrosion and temperature.
  • Works very effective in humid and corrosive environments.
  • Reduces maintenance downtime.
  • Chemically inert and seawater resistant
Appearance Smooth fluid
Base Inorganic
Colour Copper Red
Specific Gravity 1.4 ± 0.2
Drop Point None
Water Resistance Excellent
Brookfield Viscosity 28,000 – 35,000 CPS
Copper Strip Corrosion Negative
Additives Antioxidant, Anti-corrosion
 -18°C to 1100°C

PACKING: 1 Kg Jar, 20 Kg Pail

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