Our Values and Beliefs


People contribute when they relate to the Organization and they relate when they understand their organization. They understand the company through its values by experiencing the culture that values create by using the systems and processes that values define. Its possible only when every family member understands and applies the Values (Passion, Customer focus, Integrity and Speed) at work everyday. These together constitute what we call “Value”.

Definition of Values:

A] Passion:

All MOSILites are passionate about their work and their customers’ (internal as well as external) requirements. This is exhibited in each activity they perform.

B] Customer Focus:

All MOSILites are focussed to their internal as well as external customers. They take efforts to understand that implied as well as non – implied needs and passionately align their operations to meet the same.

C] Integrity:

In their quest to passionately align their operations with Customer as focus, No MOSILite will compromise in their value systems and the culture of ethical and transparent behaviour.

D] Speed:

Speed is essential in all the activities that MOSILites perform. While maintaining shorter duration in replying to internal as well as external customer’s requirements, MOSILite will ensure that this process does not create un-necessary stress to other operations.