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We are an experienced and progressive Specialty Lubricants Manufacturing (ISO 9001:2015 certified) organisation dedicated to provide quality products and services to its customers globally.
We are a Professionally Managed Organization thriving on our capabilities of identifying new applications and developing Speciality Lubricants (using a self - developed Quadra Approach) to improve the effiencies of those applications. Competing globally with the giants of the Lubrication world, MOSIL is proud of its 100% Indian Origin.
Benefits of industrial lubricants for your machinery:
Regardless of the type of industry you are in and the nature of machinery in your firm, it is necessary to use high-quality industrial lubricants to maintain their performance. Using industrial lubricants come with a wide range of benefits. At Mosil Lubricants, we provide high-quality industrial lubricants to business firms.The primary role of lubricants is to keep away friction and prevent the wearing away of the parts. However, a good-quality lubricant can perform much more than this. Here are the key benefits of using industrial lubricants you should know.
Protects your machinery from friction:
One of the key roles of specialty lubricants is to keep the machines protected from rust and corrosion. When the machinery remains exposed to the environment for a long time, they develop rust that reduces its strength to a significant extent. Proper lubrication can keep your machinery protected against rust and corrosion. Besides, lubricants also act as conduits, which suspend the contaminants and carry them away, thus preventing harm to the components.
Better temperature control:
The lubricants help in controlling the temperature of machinery by absorbing the heat. They remove the heat from the metal surfaces. According to the nature of application, the lubricant either dissipates it or carries it to a cooling device. This helps in maintaining a balance in the operational temperatures and cuts minimizes the chances of component-damages due to heat-related issues.
Enhances the efficiency of machinery:
Timely application of specialty lubricants reduces the friction in the machinery. As a result, their efficiency gets a boost. At the same time, the longevity of your machinery increases. You need to get high-quality lubricants for your machinery from the leading brands. This will prevent the machinery from undergoing wear and tear, and keep away the possibilities of damage due to excessive heat. The lubricants also keep the machinery protected against contamination. In the process, you can save yourself from incurring repair costs, when the equipment undergoes failures and breakdowns.
Apart from this, lubricants also help in reducing the downtime and eliminate costs of repair and maintenance. When you properly lubricate the machinery, their durability gets a boost and the operations are not interrupted at regular intervals. The overall productivity of your company gets a boost. You may also look out for aerosol spray to maintain a high operational efficiency of your machinery. Get the lubricants from Mosil and enhance the efficiency of your machinery. Our research and development team are closely working on the quality of these lubricants. You will be benefited from the quality of our lubricants, when you use them for industrial purposes.