Types of grease that can be used to enhance the life of your industrial machinery

Grease is one of the most important lubricants you need to use in your bearings. It comes in a variety of forms, including dielectric grease, silicone grease, synthetic grease and so on. Depending on the nature of application , the type of grease needs to be customized. It is important to choose the right kind of grease, as it enhances the performance of the machine and reduces friction. You can purchase high-quality grease from us, at Mosil Lubricants.

The rolling bearings need good care to maintain high performance levels. Besides, you need to keep them protected against, rust, corrosion and contamination. Failure to maintain the machinery can lead to their premature failure and long-term damage. Therefore, you need to protect the surfaces and joints of machinery from damage, using good-quality grease. It is recommended to get the grease from a reputed brand to ensure high performance.

Most of the time, engineers use grease in lubricating the bearings, as they find it easy to handle. Besides, grease comes with protective sealing capabilities. Here are certain benefits of using silicone grease in your machinery.

In case you have machinery operating at high temperatures, it is necessary to get high temperature grease for your machines.

Grease enhances the longevity of the machines, which is one of the key reasons for their large-scale use in the industry. Proper use of grease enhances the overall service life and reliability of the machines. You can reach out to us for high-quality grease for your industrial machinery.

• Reduced friction in the machinery, minimizing the levels of abrasions caused by direct contact between metal surfaces.
• It transports the heat, generated by friction from the machines.
• Using grease prolongs the overall service life of the bearings.
• It prevents rust from affecting the machinery.
• Grease prevents foreign objects and contaminants from disrupting the rolling elements in the machines.

However, you need to choose the right type of grease, which is necessary to maintain optimum functional efficiency of the machines. You should remember, oil and grease come with their own advantages and disadvantages. This depends on the nature of application. Besides, using excessive grease can cause the temperature of the bearings to rise, particularly when they operate under high speeds. Again, applying too little synthetic grease will result in friction between the metal surfaces. You should not mix grease with oil, as each of these lubricants come with certain specific benefits. Therefore, you need to use them separately. Besides, you should not mix water or other objects with grease. The key role of grease is to prevent surface contact between the metals. When you mix water in it, the lubricant is unable to maintain its operational level.

When you purchase industrial lubricants, it is necessary to get them from a reputed brand. Choosing the right lubricant can enhance the operational efficiency of the machines. Our R&D team has been developing the products over the years, enhancing their quality. Reach out to the reputed companies for high-quality grease for your machines.