See what makes us unique.

We are an experienced and progressive Specialty Lubricants Manufacturing (ISO 9001:2015 certified) organisation dedicated to provide quality products and services to its customers globally.
We are a Professionally Managed Organization thriving on our capabilities of identifying new applications and developing Speciality Lubricants (using a self - developed Quadra Approach) to improve the efficiencies of those applications. Competing globally with the giants of the Lubrication world, MOSIL is proud of its 100% Indian Origin.


We believe that the best way to achieve sustainable success as a group is to act in the long-term interests of our shareholders, our partners and society.

Experience working with us and witness how we become part of your process, how we understand your points, aspirations and start living your life.

Thanks to our systematic Quadra Approach that guides us to develop a perfect lubrication solution that can smoothen out all the roughs without creating avoidable friction to other operations.


Quality Assurance

Apart from being an ISO 9001:2015 Certified Company, the company has a well-documented quality assurance program. We have a well documented Quality Assurance program

Research And Development

Mosil Lubricants has one of the most advanced R & D facilities amongst the private sector lubricant manufacturing companies in India.


Mosil Lubricants offers speciality lubrication solutions based on various product groups such as Moly, Graphites, Silicons, Synthetic Functional Fluids etc. by way of greases, oils, pastes, powders, aerosols, emulsions, cleaners etc. By product group we mean products with different consistencies and purposes, for example, an aerosol is a spray based product, used for the purpose of lubricating a particular type of machinery or hardware whereas cleaners are meant for maintaining each of them. So whatever your requirement may be, our dedicated team at Mosil Lubricants ensures that you get what you’re looking for. We hereby invite you to invest some of your valuable time to look into Mosil Lubricants's wide range of speciality solutions. Tap on the drop down button to your left, select the product type and you will find an overview of our comprehensive range of products.


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