Rust preventive methods for a longer life of machineries.

Wax-based corrosion-resistant coatings are extensively used for industrial purposes. The primary benefit of using these coatings is keeping the machines protected against rust. The wax coating prevents moisture from coming in direct contact with the metal surface. As a result, it remains safe against corrosion. Wax-based coats are among the best rust prevention compounds, that are in use in the market today. These coatings last for a long time, preventing the development of rust on the metal surfaces. Besides, good-quality wax coatings provide protection to a wide range of metals. You can buy high-quality wax-based corrosion-resistant coatings from Mosil Lubricants. We provide superior grades of coatings to business firms from a wide range of industries.

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DW - 79

Wax Based Heavy Duty Corrosion Protection Coating

DW - 6294

(Heavy Duty Corrosion Protection Coating)

NTKOR - 1320

Solvent Based Medium Term Rust Preventive

NTKOR - 1410

Solvent Based Medium Term Rust Preventive

NTKOR - 2307

Thin waxy Film Rust Preventive

NTKOR - 4823

Soft Film Rust preventive

NTKOR Rustclean

RPH - 3840

Peelable Corrosion Protection Coating

RPH - 3870

(Heavy Duty Corrosion Protection Coating)

RPH - 3877

Heavy Duty Corrosion Protection Coating

ZS - 44

Bright Galva Coating - bulk

ZS - 44B

Galva Coating - Bulk

ZS - 44M

Galva Coating - Bulk