Drilling for oil has always proved to be the passion of risk takers who wanted to make
a difference. Mosil Lubricants has always been a part of such endeavors.

With our specialty lubricants, we have been improving the efficiencies of all MRO applications
in oil exploration segment. A commitment that has helped us to gain the confidence of many,
both in India and abroad.

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Mosil Lubricants is a company with more than 40 years of experience in TRIBOLOY. Sectors like Textile, Cement, Auto Ancillaries and Aviation have been using our grease, synthetic oils, metal treatment solutions, rust preventives, antifriction coatings and industrial aerosols and benefiting from the same. Well established in these sector, Mosil Lubricants is now foraying into OIL & GAS Sector.

This was a gradual outcome of a well-planned strategy the company initiated in 2004. Mosil Lubricants introduced itself to the Oil & Gas market with its first batch of Wire Rope Grease & Thread Dope with indigenous R & D activities. The products met the industry standards and exceeded the consumer expectations. Gaining confidence from this, Mosil Lubricants started it’s Oil & Gas division in the year 2005, primarily to develop and deliver lubrication solutions for Oil & Gas Segment – both On Shore & Offshore Drilling Applications. This new division lunched Thread Dope in accordance to API 5A3 and API RP 7 AI.  The big three Block Owners - ONGC, GSPC and ESSAR used these products successfully and approved our Casing Tubing and Line Pipe Thread compound as well. Today these products also have a 3rd party approval from BVIL.

As time progressed, our continuous market analysis and close association with Oil & Gas Experts encouraged us to launch lubrication solutions for critical applications like Well Head Gate Valves, Jacking Up Gear, Bottom Hole Assembly, Jacking Drive system and External & Internal OCTG coatings.

In the due course of time, we upgraded ourselves. We embraced new technology and met the growing demands of the new age lubrication solutions. Today, we are one of those very few 100% Indian origin companies who are competing with global lubrication giants, with great ease.



Yes, our lubricants are stubborn. But only when it comes to application. Inside each can that bears a MOSIL seal rests a heart that beats for environment. Every formulation is designed in such a way that it cares for your expensive machinery and the priceless green cover as well.


To turn industries green by providing lubrication solutions in Tribology and Surface Treatment.


To offer customer – oriented & innovative products by leveraging developing technologies

To provide superior, cost effective & green solutions and to attain sustained growth levels in a focused, transparent and ethical manner

Exceeding customer expectations.





Team Work



Mosil's cutting age manufacturing plant is located at MIDC Mhape in the outskirts of Mumbai. The unit has state of art facilities for:

  • Grease Manufacturing
  • Oil Blending
  • Aerosol Manufacturing

The company houses one of the most advanced R & D facilities amongst the private lubricant manufacturing companies in India. A perfect set up where our experts in Product Chemistry and Oil Exploration sector get a conducive environment to churn out new generation lubricating solutions for your oil exploration needs.


We at Mosil Lubricants have a well-documented quality assurance program. Our raw material confirms to the strict in-house standards. Or processes are meticulously checked at every intermediate stage. And our final products undergo a stringent evaluation. That's what makes this ISO 9001:2008 Certified Company a dependable name in Oil and Gas Exploration sector.


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No matter how robust your business plan is, no matter how meticulous your production process is, at the end it's the workforce that matters.

We know that the onus of success lies entirely on us – the team Mosil. We are experienced. We are innovative. And we are progressive. We are a perfect mix of creative and analytical skills embedded firmly into a robust commercial strategy. A fusion that ensures future-ready solutions for Oil and Gas Exploration sector.

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