Get The Quadra Advantage

We believe that the best way to achieve sustainable success as a group is to act in the long-term interests of our shareholders, our partners and society.

Experience working with us and witness how we become part of your process, how we understand your points, aspirations and start living your life.

Thanks to our systematic Quadra Approach that guides us to develop a perfect lubrication solution that can smoothen out all the roughs without creating avoidable friction to other operations.


We at mosil get to the root of your concern by understanding your operations. We review your process, get well versed with your operating practises and take stock of the other expectations that you may have.


Once we have understood your workflow, we identify the problematic areas that are affecting your productivity and does not let you meet your expectations. This helps us pin point the root cause of your problem which is communicated to the R&D team for developing a solution.


The R&D Team understands your expectations. The validation process carried out by physio-chemical testing and simulation of the customer application parameters will be definitely be rewarded by a smile of appreciation.


We deliver a perfect solution either an existing formulation or a custom developed formulation that address customer paint point and meet his aspiration. Stringent quality checks at various stages of production process ensure consistent performance of the product year on year meeting and surpassing customer expectations.