Guidelines for Corrosion Prevention

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Degradation is one of the most common reasons which render a material useless. Degradation can be divided into two categories, namely natural and artificial and the most common type of natural degradation is corrosion. It affects many different types of materials, like iron, zinc and galvanized metal, many of which are used as construction materials, machinery and articles of daily use. Corrosion, being an irreversible process, not only leaves the metal weak and brittle but also requires a significant expenditure in preventing it, so as to increase the life of the material.

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Tips for Choosing Right Gear Oil Lubricant

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Gear oils are designed to protect gears, bearings and seals in all types of enclosed gear drive with circulation or splash lubrication systems. They are also formulated for outstanding extreme-pressure characteristics, varying temperatures and load-carrying properties in a broad range of industrial and automobile equipment. Choosing the right gear oil can help provide slip-free power transmission even at high speed and eliminate pitting from forming in the contact region within the mechanisms of the respective machine.

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Technical Concept - Wire Rope

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Wire Rope is a critical component in so many industrial applications across the world. Wire ropes simply comprise of continuous wire strands wound around a central core & are commonly used in crane, tower crane, surface and underground mining, excavation, logging of any type of terrain, tramway, elevator, oil and gas, drilling, marine and electrical constructions etc.

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